how to organize content list on content page

I have 10 lessons for my clients to watch and they are titled "Lesson 1" and then a word title that indicates the subject and then "Lesson 2", all the way to "Lesson 10".   Somehow Article automatically put the order of titles with Lesson 1 first and Lesson 10 second...then Lesson 2.  For various reasons this is not good for me and I want Lesson 10 at the end of the List of Lessons on the Content can I get Lesson 10 at the end of the list?

Thanks for any help.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ed, 

Would it be possible to change the titles of the courses as I believe it's always going to read 10 after 1, because of the 1 at front, as it seems to be reading it as alphabetical, not numerical order. Directions on how to change the titles are here. I think it's also worth having you send this in as a feature request to be able to sort by numerical order.