How to restrict the number of tries on a quiz in AO

Is it possible to limit the number of times a learner can take a quiz through Articulate Online? I want to show my learners the right answers when they review the quiz after completing it, but I don't want the person to then go take the quiz again and get a better score right after seeing the right answers. 

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Bob Lander

Hi Sam...if your quiz is in a Presenter course, you can limit the number of tries the user gets during a single session:

But I'm pretty sure it's not possible to restrict the number of overall attempts a user gets. Like, even if you use the method above, they could come back and relaunch and try again. However... you could manually remove the user's access to the quiz after you see that he or she has taken it. Also, with the Activity Report, you can see all attempts, so you can make it clear to users that only the first attempt will be counted: Activity Report