If I have 900 customers, can they set up training for their staffs

I'm using Articulate, and am considering doing some business on Articulate Online, but I don't know if it can do what I need, so let me ask some questions.

I am selling the use of my training modules do a number of different companies. In this case, lets say I have 50 customers, each with wanting to train 20 of their employees. Obviously, I need to keep the 50 customers separate from other customers?

Can I give each customer the ability to upload their 20 employees into the system so they can invite their people to do the training? and they can manage their own reports?

Or do I have to handle each one?

Will Articulate Online even handled that load. I see the top package is 10 publishers and 500 accounts.

My goal in the long run is to have 1000 customers, each with 20 to train. Obviously I can't be in the biz of managing each one manually myself?

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Gabe Anderson

Hi John-

Thanks for your interest in Articulate Online. 

Yes, the Articulate Online infrastructure is very robust and can handle that load; we just don't advertise accounts larger than 500 users, but they are available (we have customers with many thousands of users) - just contact your account manager for a quote.

As for managing your clients, you would be able to do so using the groups feature of Articulate Online, which would allow you to assign permissions to access content and report on a per-group basis. You can then assign designated users reporting permissions on each group / client. 

To load the users in your account, you would do so either manually (using the bulk upload feature), or you could leverage the API to create a self-registration on your site for your clients. 

Hope this helps.