inability to login to Articulate online and/or missing content lis

As Administrator/Publisher on my site I am now unable to log in, and have the message "Page not available" (both with Google chrome (v36.0.1985.125) and with IE11 (v11.0.9600.17207).

My Customer have different problems, as they can login, but can not load the content list, have only the "content" and "history" buttons available; when they press on "content" the same message boxes appear (i.e. "The content list could not be loaded" followed by the message box "Error updaing content list: undefined"). When they push "History" button, the "Page not available" screen displays.

Any hint or possible solutions?

Thank you for a quick response (and fix)



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Adrian Dean

Hi Bernard,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. Please take a look at the following page -

Our Web Ops team is currently working on resolving the problems you are currently having. Please note the option to 'Subscribe to Updates'. You will then be notified the minute the problems have been fixed.

If you continue to have issues after that, please go ahead and submit a Support Case so that we can take a closer look.

Always Happy to Help,


Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Bernard.

You can always go here for real-time updates on system outages related to Articulate products and services. You can even subscribe to updates on that page so that you receive proactive emails when we detect a problem.

At the moment, it looks like we have identified the problem causing login errors and are working on a temporary solution to provide customers access to their content, and you can continue to monitor this page for updates.

I'm sorry for the trouble. Have a great day!

Bernard Homes

Thank you, this problem has now been fixed.

This being the second problem I have had with your products, may I suggest that you look into increasing the quality of your product's testing, in order to avoid these kind of problems in the future.

I'm available if necessary, but I'm sure that there are plenty of good testers around your location.
Best regards

B. Homes

Bernard Homes

Unfortunately, the same problem is reappearing for some of our customers.

This is quite problematic, as it is the third time I have problems with your products.

I was tinking of upgrading my company account, but I'm now reconsidering that.

I really hope this is fixed As Soon As Possible.


B. Homes