Integrating with e-commerce

Hi all,

I sell my Articulate Online course. Right now I handle the transaction, then manually create an Articulate Online account for the user and send him his user name and password. I'd like to hire a developer to integrate my AO with my ecommerce so all that happens automatically. 

Most specifically, I'm asking if you can recommend a developer/programmer who has done this before so I can hire him. Short of that, do you have any suggestions/insights for me? Any ideas/warnings/references to material online would be most appreciated.


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Gabe Anderson

Hi Michael-

Check out item #1 in this blog post - it has a link to some sample code and a functional demo for purchasing a quiz via PayPal and accessing it via Articulate Online.

Maybe others can chime in to recommend developers, but any proficient web developer with experience in a language like PHP should be able to help you out. The above blog post and this link to the Articulate Online API docs are key.