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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nicole,

I just tested out a project on Tempshare here:


Seems to be working fine on my end. 

Can you tell me if the file you're trying to upload is fairly large? Also, which product and zip option are you using?


Nicole Bell

Hi Christine,

Yes, my course is fairly large. I am using Storyline and publishing out to LMS. My coworker is experiencing the same problem. We are publishing the same way we always have and then uploading the .zip to tempshare. For some reason it completely stops publishing at 99 or 100% and doesn't do anything else.

Thanks for the help,


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nicole!

Currently, the maximum size for file uploads to Tempshare is 10 MB. We agree that it's a very low threshold, and we're working to increase it.
If your published output exceeds 10 MB, you may want to try any of the following free alternatives for testing your Articulate content online:
I hope that helps! :)