Is the system down?


I was getting reports from Articulate Online and suddenly I was kick out from the system and could enter again. Also one of the participants finished one of the assessment and submitted it but after that got an error message. No data was uploaded in the system and the participant is completing the assessment again. Is there any way to see her previous result?

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Matias.

Articulate Online was experiencing technical difficulties today. Articulate Online should be back online now. We're really sorry for any difficulty this caused. 

In the future, you can get real-time status updates on Articulate Online's status here:

...and can subscribe to the RSS feed for updates:

As for whether you will see your learner's previous result, this will depend on where she was in the process of completing the assessment.  If the outage occurred before she submitted her results, it's likely that the data was unfortunately lost.

Justin Grenier

I'm sorry for the trouble, Frans.

After checking with our Web Operations Team, it appears that this outage was so brief (about 9 minutes in total) that we brought the system back online before we had the opportunity to update our status page.

In the future, we'll try to do a better job of updating our status page even for brief outages like this one. Thanks for the heads-up!