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Sarah Marshall


A user is someone who has a username and password in your account.  They login in order to view content and then you can do reporting on the results and activity of that particular user, or group of users.

A guest is someone that does not login to view content.  In this case you must make your content public and they must receive access to it through a link.  You can still do reporting but not by individual user - they will be recorded as "anonymous" users.

That's a brief explanation, but I hope it helps.

Richard Owers

Thankyou very much...thats really helped.

Couple more questions please...

1. As the last post asked - is it possible to create a group with just guests - it appears when setting up a group it asks to put a check against users?

2. Is it possible to automate invitations? I want to send out course reminders to certain groups every month, it is a real drag to diarise and do it manually!

3. Can a user be required to 'resit' a course?  I would like my users to be only compliant for one year...

your help is much appreciated to a rookie!


Sarah Marshall

Unfortunately you can't create a group for anonymous users because by definition a group is a collections of registered users.  Depending on what you want to do you may be able to use the guestbook function.

There is no way to schedule invitations to go out automatically, if that's what you mean. 

I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by 'resist' a course