ISO -Looking for LMS solution recommendations

Looking for recommendations for an LMS solution for a small business of less than 1200 employees.  We are currently using Articulate Online as a patch but in need of a more permanent, long-term solution.

Short list:

-Single sign-on capability

-Rule based assignment of training

-Reoccurring training assignment automation

-Accurate reporting data capability

-Integration with talentReef a plus

-Communication with Paylocity a plus

-Integration with Sterling a plus

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Paul Gurney

Hello Amy,

We made a LMS that includes SSO and covers most of your stated needs, including Storyline v2 and 360 integration, and it's connected to our Content Engagement platform (for content management, sharing, training, all integrated)...

We do not have integration with TalentReef or Paylocity, but we could certainly learn more about that.

We'd be open to a discussion to see if we fit your needs!