Issues with Guest Book and Score Reporting

I have a training on Articulate where I use the Guest Book and Score Reporting to track completion.  And it seems to be working great for 95% of our attendees.  But I have a small sample of people that sign into the guest book, complete the training (they are able to describe the final images) but there is no record in my scoring report that they completed the training, let alone started it.  I can pull a log of the Guest Book and they show up there, but if I pull any sort of completion or score report, they are not there (not even as looking at slide #1).  This is so odd.

Anyone have any ideas what is happening?  Thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Karen!

Any idea what web browser they're using to access the course? If it's Internet Explorer 10, and your courses were created with Studio '09, that may be the issue. 

Please take a look at the following article:

Articulate Support - Articulate Studio '09 content doesn't track in Articulate Online when viewed in Internet Explorer 10

If this isn't what's happening, can you share a little more information about the course and how the course is being accessed by the learners?


Karen Weeks

Oh that's interesting, no one ever gave me that heads up before I launched the program.  I will ask the few people if they are using IE10 and then make sure future participants do NOT use that browser.  Luckily we are a Firefox group normally, so that might explain why it is 8 people out of 950!

Thank you.  I'll let you know if that is the root cause.