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Michaela Cheetham

Thanks, Leslie.

We run two cohorts: each with access to presentations that are updated for each cohort. Eg. cohort 1 has access to the 2016 versions of the presentations; whilst cohort 2 has access to the 2017 versions.  Too many versions of the same presentations would get very confusing!

Once students sit our final exam, their access is de-activated.  If they fail, they have the option to  resit which requires re-activating access to the relevant presentations for their cohort but putting them into the Resit group. We save their original data up to the exam date (May 2017)-but need to start their data records from fresh to check their engagement during the revision for resit period (July-Nov 2017).

At the moment, we have had to delete the users and then re-add them so that we clear the data records,  was hoping there was another way...



Leslie McKerchie

Ah, thanks for sharing Michaela. Most users want the exact opposite to happen and have information retained when they no longer need the user. I would take the same steps you are utilizing. 

Another option would be to customize your reports. You mention a date range and you can limit reports for a user within a specific window if that would work better for you. Perhaps the User Activity Report.