Leveraging Articulate Online for Reporting

I have a course that is a companion to an in-person workshop. There are behavioral components that must be observed by a human being and then rated in order to demonstrate competency.

I'm thinking about using the Quizzes within Storyline to create either a yes/no (was the behavior demonstrated) or a Lickert response (to what extent was the behavior demonstrated) method for the observer to go in and create a scored report on these performance objectives.

Has anyone worked out a successful process for doing this? I don't want to create something if it already exists. There seem to be a lot of points I'd need to consider. For example: I'd like to capture per person results at just after training, 30, 60 and 90 day increments and ensure the back-end reporting on the outcome is useful. I need to keep the assessment contained within one title in Articulate Online due to our subscription level (we're a small company and have a basic level).

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