Limit content reporting to content that is accessible to a group

I am having trouble limiting the content my users can see when running reports.  I've set up a group, made the content private for that group, and gave to members of the group reporting capabilities for said group.  However, when you log in although you can only see the 3 content pieces for said group, when you go to reporting you see all content items on our site.  How do I limit the content items to only the content for the private group?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michele,

Are you limiting their access to the content and to the reports? Have you set it up as described here for the content?  Are all users seeing the reports or just administrators to your courses? It may be easier to help troubleshoot this one if you're able to share access to your AO account, and that's likely best handled by connecting with our support engineers here as then it can be handled privately.