Limiting attempt to one for quizmaker quizzes in Articulate Online

I want to limit attempt to one for a quizmaker quiz in AO.

In the Quiz properties, I set attempt to one.

Once published, I send the link to the participant and he logs in because the quiz is private.

After he completed the quiz and closed the window, if he clicks on the link again there is no message to warn him and the participant can do the quiz as many times as he wants to.

When I realized that, I tried to import the quiz in a PowerPoint and then publish it to AO, but I had the same issues.

Is there a way to prevent this?

Thank you.

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Gabe Anderson

Hi Marie-Eve-

The setting to limit the number of quiz attempts only applies within each launch of your Articulate Presenter course when a quiz is embedded in the course.

There's currently no feature in Articulate Online to prevent a user from accessing content more than once unless you explicitly remove access for that group / user. You can request the feature here.

Also, you can monitor all attempts via the Activity Report, so you could include a notice to inform your users that, although they can launch the content more than once, only the first attempt will be counted.

Hope this helps.