Linking from one Storyline course to another in Articulate Online


I would like to link from one Articulate Storyline course (using the next button) to another Storyline course. Both courses are in the same Articulate Online account. I am not sure how to reference the course I am attempting to link to. What type of link - Absolute or Relative?

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks Richard

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Richard and welcome to Heroes! 

For tracking purposes within Articulate Online (or another LMS) adding a link to another course won't work. You could create a Storyline course that served as a menu with multiple Storyline scenes included - each one branched from the menu. There are some additional methods described in this thread on how to create a MultiSCO project, and this article describes additional  unsupported methods. 

Rob Blankenship


If you are just looking to move them into another SL course, you would use the invite link.  Assuming they are already logged into AO they would just link to the next course.  Tracking would occur individually for these.  

I am a visual learner - so maybe this will help to understand what I am trying to say.  Lets say I have 3 SL files: Quiz A, Quiz B, Quiz C.

At the end of Quiz A, I insert a link to Quiz B.  At the end of Quiz B, I have a link to Quiz C.  Assuming the learner does everything I will see in AO that they did Quiz A, Quiz B, and Quiz C.  

One other thing....assuming Quiz A, B, and C are not too large I could insert them into one single SL file.