Linking to Content for Users


Looking at Articulate Online, I have some content, and I have some users created.

I have found that if I take the nice link direct to a piece of content and email it to my users, their completion isn't tracked because they are not prompted to login, so they are logged as guest users.

What I would like to do is to have a link to a piece of content which I can send to my users which they click, log on, and then the content will launch automatically.  Is this possible?

I am aware that I could just link to our AO site, but of course then users might see a list of content, whereas I would like to provide them with a link to one specific piece of content.

Can this be achieved?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ryan,

You'll want to set the course to private so that the people or groups you choose can access your content. When they log in, they’ll need to enter their email and password before the content displays. This is great for situations when your content is proprietary or confidential. You'll then want to review the tutorial on How to give users access to your content

Hope that helps!