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Angelica Matsuno

I will be following this chain. All of our external facing elearning content is on Articulate Online and we don't have budget (or time to implement) a full-on extended enterprise LMS solution. AO was perfect for what we needed, and now it will be gone, with nothing to replace it. If anyone at Articulate can advise, it would be greatly appreciated!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, everyone!

As you evaluate your future needs, we hope you’ll consider our newest product, Rise. Like Articulate Online, you can host, deliver, and track SCORM content in Rise. Unlike Articulate Online, you can also create training in Rise and get access to tons of prebuilt, fully customizable content. In short, Rise is an all-in-one training system. It makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage all in one place. You can start a free, 30-day trial of Rise or contact a member of our Rise team to learn more.

To track your Storyline and Studio courses in Rise, publish them as LMS packages and choose SCORM 1.2 or any edition of SCORM 2004 as your LMS standard. Then import them into Rise. Watch this video demonstration:

Find out more about how you can transition from Articulate Online to Rise right here! 

Angelica Matsuno

Thanks Alyssa, but wouldn't Rise only be available internally? We need to be able to provide users outside of our organization with a public link to the elearning. In some cases, we use AO's guestbook feature when we want to track completion. That has worked great for us. I don't think Rise has the option to provide a public link. Unless I am missing something? We do have Rise as part of our 360 suite, but I haven't really used it yet. Thanks

Angelica Matsuno

B Lewis, I know, and it's hard to believe there are no other products out there in the world that can do the same thing as AO could do for us! We need to make our elearning available to tens of thousands of customers, so we can't possible 'add them' as Rise users. So the public links worked great for us. In very few cases, we needed to track completion - so an extended enterprise LMS is way more than we need. So sad to see this tool go away :-(

Angelica Matsuno

We are still working on it. One option for us is to see if we can host the elearning internally on our company servers, and just post a 2-way form as an attestation that users viewed a course when needed. Not ideal, so still looking at external LMS even though it's way more than what we need. Too bad Rise doesn't have an option for viewing elearning outside a Rise team.

Ryan Puck

Our company is also looking for a solution to replace the 400 courses we have hosted on AO with another platform that can have public access and interaction/question tracking. Currently we have been experimenting with Moodle, but it seems to require user accounts to track SCORM attempts properly. Ideally we would like to have guest access for our courses and build a registration page inside the SCORM using short answer inputs, but it seems that guest attempts do not get recorded to Moodle...

A last resort we see is to utilize the Javascript trigger to export variables from a Storyline course on our server to a database, but this setup seems pretty complicated and unreliable compared to the turn key AO system we had...

Karen Derrick-Davis

We don't use Wordpress and don't have company servers. Any other options
folks are finding??

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