Lost content after maintenance

In the past week we have had two instances where vital content has been lost from our content list following maintenance. The first time it was just one Presenter/Quizmaker programme. The second time we lost 4 programmes. The content was active and some 20000 users. The user data is still there fortunately. We have not deleted these items ourselves. Support has been less than helpful on this matter claiming we did it!! We certainly didn't. We are concerned that this will happen again. Anyone had the same issue?

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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi David, I'm sorry to hear about your missing content. The Articulate software and content are two separate things and have no relation other than you can open and edit content in Articulate Studio. If your content goes missing from the place you saved it there is no way Studio does that.

If the software itself goes missing (I cannot completely figure it out from your message) it must have been an uninstall by the IT department. Again, these things do not uninstall themselves.

Not sure if this is any comfort. Good luck!

David Hutchinson

Hi Jejj
Thank you for responding. It was indeed content that disappeared from Articulate online. We are trying to figure out how content can be there one minute and gone the next without us doing anything! Something happened at the server end and it was during a period of scheduled maintenance. Our other worry is that no one at that end seems concerned by it. To us it is massive as our programmes that people were doing were suddenly lost!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi David! 

I see where you are continuing to work with our team (00559927) to understand the issue. Victor is working directly with our Articulate Online team while he is assisting you.

I did want to pop in and mention that replying to the forums via e-mail attaches your signature, and you are welcome to pop in and edit if needed.