Making your course into a video and slide layers

Hi. I am new to storyline and am just learning how to use it. Could someone please tell me how you add timing and make your course play like a video? Also when you are using slide layers do they effect the size and duration of your video? If so how many layers would you use per slide if you wanted to make a short video that you were uploading to a website?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nina!

Your slide timeline is 5 sec by default unless you manually change or add content that may extend it like audio/video.

You mention playing like a video? Does that mean that you want the slides to progress Automatically? If so, check out this tutorial.

You cannot publish your course as a video if that's what you are hoping. You would need to use the screen recording feature of Storyline, Replay, or a 3rd party tool to do so.