Manual Reupload does not reflect in existing course

I've uploaded a course in Articulate Online (AO). Bookmarks and titles work perfectly initially. I can't perform the direct auto-upload to AO as it is calling a completion certificate which learner needs to print. Hence, the manual upload.

Steps of uploading:

1) publish locally using AO type, generating .sl1

2) Open the .sl1 as zip to preview the files in it, copy the completion certificate into it

3) Using the same course, did a manual upload to replace the existing lesson in it (by typing the same Content Name, but with a different package file)

4) AO does not give me any error during the upload

After the reupload, once launched the lesson, the changes on the content are reflected (new slides, removal of slides, completion certificate). But the title in the lesson is not reflected, and the bookmark does not work. It automatically restarts the lesson.

But by using the same package to upload as a new course, the content, title, bookmark, etc. works perfectly.

When do we need to create a new course to perform the reupload and when can we use the reupload to replace the lesson in the existing course?

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