manually marking as complete in articulate online

I've just posted a module using articulate online and discovered that our users are not achieving a pass mark, as one of the 40 slides is an optional lightbox and they are not viewing it.

Around 90% of users completed 39/40 slides, but even though I've since deleted the lightbox and reposted the module, they are still not being marked as complete.

Is there any way of changing their completion data to reflect the fact that they have fulfilled the course requirements?

The module is for compliance purposes so asking them all to complete the module again isn't really an option.

Appreciate any info or help!

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Rob Blankenship

I do not know of a way to manually mark an item complete in AO :-(

You could consider making a variable called viewed and when they view the lightbox you mark viewed = true.  Then check the variable when they try to go to the next slide and if viewed = false you send them to the lightbox and when viewed = true you then allow them to click next.

That would not solve those who have taken it, but would help others not to miss it.

I hope that helps some...

Russell Murphy

Thanks Rob,

I've actually deleted the lightbox slide, but I need to figure out how to get completion data for those who did the module previously.

Articulate won't seem to update it's record, even once the module is update the record still says 39/40 slides, not 39/39.

I guess I could login as each user, but then it kind defeats the purpose of having compliance records anyway

David Mitchell

Hi all, is there any change on this front? I want to use Articulate Online but I need an administrative override of completion of a course. I have a trial version of AO and can't see that function. We want to put small groups of people through the courses and then manually mark them off as having viewed the content. Perhaps there is another way of doing this.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi David!

There has been no update to this functionality as the completion requirement would be sent from the course, not manually set.

Articulate Storyline communicates course completion to a learning management system (LMS) as soon as the learner meets the completion requirement. See this article for more information.