manually uploading modified (or even not-modified) .sl1 file to Articulate Online not working

I'm publishing a storyline course for manual upload. I then take the .sl1 file, rename to zip, unzip, add a few additional files for an HTML popup, rezip, rename back to .sl1, and then manually upload. However it fails everytime. Even if I simply rename .sl1, rename to zip, unzip, rezip, and rename back to .sl1 (without making any changes or adding any files) the manual upload still fails.

I've tried a couple of different versions of zip, both on mac and PC. Should really be the same thing though. Seems like my problem is with manually zipping a new .sl1 package rather than with adding the files. 

I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck manually uploading a .sl1 file with any edits recently? Seems like this used to be possible but the articles and discussions I've found around the topic are from 2012.


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