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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Widya,

Is it possible the user didn't answer that question? Are they able to skip over it? If so, than nothing would show there. 

If they're required to answer all the questions, and are scoring correctly as well but it's just not showing in the report I'd want to have our team take a look at it and you can reach out to them here. 

Widya  Y

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the immediate response. The students are required to answer all the questions. If they try to skip, there is a message telling them to answer first. I am just aware that in one practice the problem exists several numbers, while in other practices only a couple of numbers.

Widya  Y

Hi Guys,

Maybe I can share more experiences. This problem did not happen in the past. I assume this problem appears after the updates, both Storyline 2 and flash player. 

Actually I am experiencing another problem related to Articulate Online. I observe that after the latest updates, some scrolling frames disappear. However, if the same file is published offline, the scrolling frames are there.

I hope someone can help me to solve these problems.

Widya  Y

Hi Ashley,
It is a different issue from the missing user answer.

The second problem I am facing is SOME , not all, of scrolling frame does not appear when I publish a file in Articulate Online.
The same scrolling frame works fine when I publish it in CD format (offline).
I still cannot find out what is wrong because this does not happen in all scrolling frames I have made. I am still working on it.