Mobile Player reporting results back to Articulate-Online??

I have a number of assessment modules deployed on Articulate -Online. Our Assessors operate in remote areas with sometimes patchy internet connections. Currently we don't use the mobile player as most people use Windows computers. If the internet connection drops out during a session nothing is available to report on. This is very annoying for users who need to do the assessment all over again.

Does the Articulate Mobile player enable results to be reported when a connection drops out is restored? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Nigel!

Just curious, are you enabling resume on the courses? If their internet drops are they able to relaunch the course? If so, do the results report correctly for them?

The Articulate Mobile Player, or any other source really, needs internet access to pass that information to an LMS, whether it be Articulate Online or any other LMS. 

If you're distributing the courses to users that have limited or no internet access, perhaps you could use a different method for those particular users.