module publishing with wrong or without audio

I originally posted this under Presenter, but when I publish locally, I don't get the problem, so I'm posting it here.

I just republished a module that I had published last week. I had made one change to the quiz, no changes to the rest of the module. When I published it it had mostly audio from a completely different module! When I went into Imort Audio, I could see all the correct files (I checked them). I record them to a network drive and have been going through the extra step of copying them to my local drive before importing them for months because I had some problems after the upgrade to '13 that I never had before. Now I'm having problems even from my local drive.

I removed all the audio.  Reimported all the audio.  Deleted all the temporary files.  Cleared my cache.   Preview is fine.  Published module has no audio.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alison!

So are all of the troubles that you are reporting happening in the same course and you cannot reproduce the issue in another course?

Here is our documentation on missing audio.

Perhaps your file has become corrupted.

You can try to re-use the slides in a new Presentation to see if this alleviates your issue.

I noticed that you have filed a support case as well (00393810) and are working with Wilbert, so I advise you to work in your case