Multiple attempts at quizzes


I have uploaded several Quizmaker 2013 quizzes to Articulate Online and have selected "Unlimited" under "Allow user to retry quiz".

Many users are unable to open the quiz a second time after their first attempt i.e. the spinning wheel appears and the quiz doesn't open.

In most cases, this problem arises when the user has closed the quiz without completing the quiz (and the Finish button has not been clicked). However, the problem has also arisen when the user has finished the quiz and has clicked the Finish button.

Most users are accessing Articulate Online with IE 9. We have tried clearing Cache in IE 9 - however, this doesn't solve the problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Jon Greenheld

Hi Leslie

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have selected Never resume in the Quizmaker player because problems (and/or confusion for users) would arise if:

  1. one of the 2 Resume options was selected; and
  2. the user did complete the quiz during their first attempt (and failed); and
  3. the user then tried to open the quiz again.

I have tried a few options over the last 12 hours and one option "seems" to solve the problem i.e.

  • I have selected "Unlimited" for "Attempts Permitted" in "Question Defaults in "Quiz Properties" [as well as selecting Unlimited under Allow user to retry quiz in the Results slides]
  • I then edited each question and changed the number of attempts to "1" (i.e. I replaced the "Unlimited" default with "1") because I only want each user to attempt each question once during each attempt at completing the quiz.

So far, this option seems to allow a user to open the quiz a second time (after failing the first attempt). However, I won't know for sure until a significant number of users have accessed the new file.

While the "solution" above seems to work, it is not logical (or intuitive) i.e. the default setting for quiz questions shouldn't affect users' access to the quiz. However, it seems to.

I appreciate your offer to look at my quiz file and I will definitely send this to you if the "solution" referred to above proves to be ineffective when large numbers of users access the new file.