Multiple Completed Status - Same User Same Course


I found this same issue, without an explanation, on E-Learning Heroes and it dates back 4 years.  I have the issue and would really need an explanation.

A user, having completed a course (tracked by number of slides viewed), appears many times in an activity report.  Sometimes the Duration is only a couple of seconds, sometimes witha  duration of 00:00:00, yet Status is Completed 43/43 100%. Then, in the midst of these completed statuses, there will be an Incomplete 1/43 2% (00:00:00 duration). 6 Occurrences happened form 9:43 am to 9:56 am. (this includes two 00:00:00 and one of them is an Incomplete).

Has anyone discussed this issue? I just need an explanation as to WHY this happens. Could Internet connection or stability issues be the reason?

Thank you

André D. Rotondo

Studio 7 Communications inc.

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