Multiple quizes on one slide

Is it possible to have multiple quizzes on one slide using Storyline 2? Our need is to have a Freeform pick one or pick may with a text entry quiz. I also need to pull reports for all these types using Articulate Online. Can this be done?  Also, why doesn't Articulate Online allow reports for Freeform Pick Many quizzes. If it does, I can't seem to make it work.  Thank you.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Josey!  Sounds like you've got a pretty custom setup.  😊No worries, we have a brilliant community that can help.

Just a few things to remember:

  • Storyline can only evaluate one interaction per slide.  So, yes, you can add multiple questions to a single slide, but you'll have to design it so that one "master" interaction gets evaluated for right or wrong.  Check out this time-tested technique.
  • Storyline will only send the data on one interaction for each slide to Articulate Online.  If you need to know specifically how users answered each of the questions, it will be most efficient to design your assessment as one question = one slide.
  • Freeform questions should still report to Articulate Online, but you might notice that the question text doesn't show up. Here's how to change your layout of that slide so that question text is also reported to AO for freeform questions.

I hope that's helpful guidance!  If you'd like to share what you have so far, feel free to attach your file for us to have a look.