Multiple Users Reporting They Took Course in July- Not in Reporting

I have a client who has about 6 users who say that they completed a course in July.  30 others reflect completion of the course; these 6 show no use of Articulate Online during that time (ie, they don't show even accessing the course)- has anyone heard of any problems in July?  I am prone to think the users simply forgot to take it, but some of them are people who are consistently reliable about taking assigned courses so just want to validate no known problem existed. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ann!

If a user reports that they received an incomplete status for a content item that they completed in Articulate Online or if there is no record that the user attempted the content item, please review this article for recommendations.

In addition, we do have a status tracker, but only a few days in July are still listed.