NEW LEARNER: Suggested Learning Path?

Hello All!

I have just acquired Articulate for my company.  I was familiar with a much earlier version and a big fan of its adaptability and how user friendly it is. I am currently educating myself on both Rise and Storyline. As I am learning it all there is SO MUCH material available! 

Are there any suggestions on a good Learning Path to follow or insights from those who have taught themselves as well? I have an outline, but with the large amount of training materials available (which is great) I am looking for any guidance on what may have worked as well as any potential pitfalls to avoid.

Thank you all in advance!  I am excited to be a part of this community.

Best Regards,



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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Jillian!  Welcome to the Articulate community! If you're looking at our webinars, either live or recorded, I would go through the "Getting Started" items first, then move on to Essentials.  I think you'll find Rise 360 is quite a bit quicker to pick up than Storyline 360, so if you're looking for a specific order for Storyline videos, I'd do these:

Once you have done those, you'll be ready to move on to the series on Variables! :) 

Last but not least, the Storyline User Guide provides a great step by step order for everything possible in Storyline!