Newbie problem with iPad App

I feel a bit daft asking such a simple question, but I downloaded the free trial version of this yesterday and am throwing myself at evaluating all the bits and pieces it can do. So far very impressed.

A key requirement for us will be iPad viewing and I can see that coincidentally the iPad viewer app seems to have recently come out, which is great. However, and this is where I am being really stupid, I open it up and it loads a help screen with some buttons for library and favourites. Apart from that I don't seem to be able to do anything. I can't log in as a user or load a course or anything.

Any help for a newbie would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Dave! Right now the iPad app can play content that was built in Articulate Storyline, our newest authoring tool, which is going to be released very soon (we are currently finishing up the beta as we speak). As soon as Storyline launches, you'll be able to get a free trial of that, and then you'll be able to create content that you can play in the Articulate Mobile Player on your iPad.

 Content that you publish from Articulate Studio '09  is currently Flash only, which won't run on an iPad. However, we're also working on the next version of Articulate Studio, which will offer iPad publishing options just like Storyline does. 

If youd like to be notified as soon as Storyline becomes available, you van sign up here:

Dave Parry

Thanks Jeanette. Now I'm wondering then, am I better off waiting until Storyline hits the shelves and start with that, or should I buy Studio '09 and get on with that? I don't want to pay twice that sort of amount.

I apppreciate there is little published at the moment, but if I am looking to start an OLE and convert existing tired course material, am I better waiting for this much awaited thing, or just cracking on and hoping the upgrade to Studio '12 (or whatever) with its HTML5 and all that, doesn't cost me too much to upgrade??

I feel like I might just be about to buy an iPhone 4 just as the 4S gets launched the month after. Save me the post-purchase remorse please!

Your thoughts welcome. Thanks.

Jeanette Brooks

I hear you Dave! I hope this doesn't sound like a non-answer, but the choice you make really depends on what your needs are.

If you just need to convert existing content that learners will access via their desktops or laptops, then going with the current version of Articulate Studio will meet those needs nicely. And Studio isn't going away - it's a perfect solution for many, many organizations, and it'll continue to be a key tool in our product offerings.

If, however, you anticipate learners will need to view your content on non-Flash devices such as iPad (or platforms that use HTML5),  then Storyline is going to be the better choice (at least until the next version of Studio is released, which we don't have a firm date for yet). Although there are ways to view Articulate Studio content on an iPad, none of them will be as straightforward (or display content as nicely) as the Articulate Mobile Player.

Another thing to consider is the type of courses you're building. Storyline will also offer a lot of new features for interactivity, screen recordings/simulations, and more... so if you're looking to build a lot of rich interactivity, Storyline is definitely worth a look. We'll have more details about all the features at launch. In the meantime, if you wanted to get a sneak peek, Tom Kuhlmann did a webinar recently where he demonstrated some of the key features, and you can view the recording at Training Mag Network. (If you don't already have a login on their site, you'll need to create one in order to view the recording.) 

I hope that helps! :)

Bruce Graham

Dave - hi!

I am also in the UK, and in anticipation of SL being massive (have been on the beta for a few months now...), you may want to have a look at/Subscribe to , the Storyline Usergroup for UK/(Europe).

We have a whole lot of articles, hints and tips etc. ready behind the scenes, and it may be that you are able to answer some of your questions.

There's going to be a Storyline "Jam" in UK on October 20th, so if you can get down from Shrewsbury it might be useful.

If you just want to have a chat on the phone, send me a PM, and we can take this offline.


Jeanette Brooks

Hello Jean-Francois - it sounds like maybe you've placed the published output on a local folder on your hard drive. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Try moving the published output to the folder called My Dropbox/Public. Then right-click the story.html file and choose Copy Public Link, and send yourself the link to open on your ipad. Here's a screencast with more info:
  • Or, another option (if you just need to test your content for now) is to publish your course and then select "Zip" from the "Publish Successful" window. Then upload the resulting zip file to our Tempshare site: The content will be removed after 10 days. This is a nice way to temporarily host your content to see how it looks on an iPad. 
  • A third option of course is to upload your published content to a web server. Then send yourself the link to the story.html file and open it on your ipad.