Number of Slides error

Good Day! We recently published a course with 59 slides. It has 5 quizzes including one on Slide 58. All we need to know is that a student has reached Slide 59, because each quiz is set so that a Pass result moves to the next slide (on "Finish") while a Fail result takes the student back to the start of that section (on Finish).

The problem is that the report read 59/59 slides viewed, but "Incomplete" because the system thinks there are 60 slides, even though the number viewed is shown as 59/59.

How do i set the number so that when 59/59 have been viewed the report is "Completed"?

We have to keep a robust record for Regulatory audit purposes and the word "Incomplete" does not look right, although we know that 59/59 have been seen.

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