One guestbook for multiple quizzes?

Hi all,

So here' my scenario:

I have a course that has a menu that links to two quizzes on Articulate Online. The quizzes are only locks for content - they have no questions or information we'd usually care to track in an LMS. Except I need to be able to view who logged into each Quiz. This won't work with this course exactly as is, so I need to reconfigure a little.

The easiest thing that occurs to me is that we could put the quizzes as separate entries in AO, since then we could run individual reports. But the problem here is that users need to sign into our front end website to enter the course (hosted on AO). So if we add a guestbook to each quiz, they need to register a second time. Part of each track is a required 3rd party feedback survey that starts "Name..., Job...." etc, so essentially a 3rd time giving the same information. Also, we expect a majority of users to want to use both tracks and print reports to prove they did so...So people will be giving us their name a lot. And I do realize we have a lot of disconnected systems at work here, but I also don't have the power to change that.

I do not have access to PHP or mySQL. I realize that would open up more solutions.

So is there any way we could put a guestbook page at the start of the first course and retain that information for any other content they view during their visit?

I also don't think we'll be having them register as students in our AO account, since we already want to register them in our other systems.

Yep, a lot of rules in this game, but the goal is to reduce sign ins while having the username for everyone who views each quiz.

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!

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