Organizing the order lessons are presented in AO

Hi -- I just started using AO after leaving behind another frustrating LMS. I'd like to present my lessons to my users in a specific order. Right now the lessons just appear in either alphabetical order or in the order they were uploaded. How do I organize them in the order I want them to appear to users?

Thanks for your help, Michael

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Gabe Anderson

Hi Michael-

Glad you're using Articulate Online, and hopefully you'll find it easy to use and not frustrating. 

Currently, the best way to order your content is to sort by title and use titles that start with numbers - be sure to include a leading 0 if you'll have 10 or more content items. Like this:

  • 01: Intro Course
  • 02: The Next Course
  • 03: Course Three
  • ....
  • 10: The Final Course

We also welcome feature suggestions here.

Rebecca Aquino

Thanks for the information, Leslie. While the primary intention of the lessons (software-related) is for sequential training, the information in these lessons can also be used as performance support, so they need to be accessible in any order for that purpose.

I'll send a feature request.