Passing AO course variable to proprietary LMS through API

Dear all,

I'm new to the community, so I'm sorry if this is basic stuff. I've looked at the other posts but have not been able to find the information anywhere.

I have A360 courses, and I'm planning to deliver them to our proprietary LMS through AO.

I know how to pass "pass/fail, variables, etc. from A360 to AO, but I don't know how to pass this information from AO to our LMS at the user level.

I've been through the API documentation but I've been unable to find how to get this data into our LMS.

Could you please help and tell me how to use the API to pass AO course variables to our LMS system ?

Thanks a lot for your help !



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Laurent and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I'm not sure that I've heard of someone publishing to Articulate Online and then sharing information to another LMS. Articulate Online is for tracking and reporting.

Perhaps someone in the community is more familiar with your custom process and will be able to assist.

Here is some information on the Articulate Online API if that's helpful.