Problem uploading from Articulate Presenter 13 to Articulate Online

Last night I attempted to upload an update to an existing course multiple times without success.  I connect into Articulate Online and it starts by loading the Engage Interaction (successfully), it loads the Quizmaker file and then while generating the quiz, it stops with an error message that Presenter has to close.

I screen captured what it looks like and it's attached.  Also attached is the package.

I did a little logo update to another course and republished it with no issue right after this.  So it's something with this course - perhaps with the quiz since that is where it hangs up?

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Ann Potts

Just tried manual upload without success.  I get to the same point, it's at quiz question 6 that it crashes.  As an FYI, this is an existing course where i updated a handful of existing slides AND the quiz.  It always does the error message when it's generating question 6, which is a multiple response question. (attached a screen capture)

Interestingly, I did save the whole thing to CD and that worked fine. So I have a copy of it that way. I just checked and in that view, it allows me to complete the quiz successfully.

Any other ideas?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ann, 

Have you tried with just the Presenter course and removed the Interaction and Quiz? Perhaps those two elements have brought in an element of corruption that is causing issues when publishing to AO? You'll want to ensure that you're following along with the guidelines here in regards to working on your project files, and making a Presenter package if you need to transfer the elements off of your local drive. 

Have you tried publishing for web to see if that works differently since CD publish worked ok? Perhaps trying by using a new file and importing all the elements back in individually? Here's how to import the Presenter elements into a new Powerpoint file:

  1. Open a new, blank presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Go to the Home tab, click the drop-down arrow beside New Slide, and choose Reuse Slides.
  3. In the Reuse Slides panel, click the Browse button and choose Browse File.
  4. Browse to your original PowerPoint file and click Open.
  5. At the bottom of the Reuse Slides panel, mark the box to Keep source formatting.
  6. Right-click the first slide in the Reuse Slides panel and select Insert All Slides.
  7. Save the new presentation and republish.

Note: Articulate resources, such as audio and video, will need to be inserted again into the new presentation. You may need to export the narration from your original presentation, then import it into the new presentation. You'll also need to reimport the Engage and Quizmaker elements. 

Ann Potts

When I pull out both the Engage Interaction and the Quiz, it still defaults almost immediately.  So I'm thinking that there's something in the main Presenter files that is the issue.  I won't have time to work with this until late this afternoon, but it sounds based upon this as if the first place I should go is to try importing to a new PPT file, right?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Teresa!

I see where you are working with Robert on your case (00692605). It is difficult to assist when we are unable to take a look at your file and try to replicate the issue.

Have you tried the troubleshooting shared in this thread? If you are just having difficulty with one file, I would advise importing into a new file to see if that alleviates your issue.