Problem with publishing from Storyline to Articulate Online


When I try to publish a file from Storyline I get this message "Unknown error. Please check your account URL and try again.", but I do not see what is wrong. I have published several courses with the same settings without any problem.The strange thing is that I do not see this course in the content list on the Articulate Online, but when I generate a content list report this course appears a couple of times in the list - this then I tried to publish it again and again.

When the course is not published correctly in Storyline and then I do not see it in the content list - how is it that it will still be included in the generated content list report? How do I remove it?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ulrika,

If you're not able to publish the content you should not be seeing it within your Articulate Online listing, so it sounds like something we'd want to take a look at. Since it's something within your account, it's typically easier to handle these outside of the forums, so you could connect with our Support engineers here.