Problem with Quiz scoring

Hi there,

Trying to solve a mystery!

I am using Articulate Storyline.

I have created a quiz module and published it to Articulate.

After the students took the test, we discovered that one of the questions had the wrong answer considered to be right.

So we fixed that in Storyline and republished the module again to overwrite the previous one.

While looking after that at the students detailed answers to fix the score because of that specific answer that was reported wrong while some students have answered it right, strangely on some of the students detailed response sheet the right answer was showing as right and on some other students detailed response sheet the right answer was considered to be wrong.

PS: All students took the test before the new module was re-published.

Has anyone experienced this before? or might know why this is happening?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carole,

Do you remember if the same "right/wrong" set up was occurring when viewing the results prior to the republish? Also, when you pull the answer breakdown report you'll be prompted to select which revision of the content item you want to report on when you run an Answer Breakdown report, and I'm curious to know which version you're picking to view that? 

Is it possible that the users who have scored it as right answer (now that it is right) actually took the quiz again and changed their results? 

If you'd like us to take a look, can you add as an admin to your course? You can send me a private message with a link to the course and a password you've set up (please don't send it to the email address, as that is a general account for all our support team). 

Carole I

Hi Ashley,

I don't have a record of the old answers breakdown.

However, I do have in our records the previous score of one of the users (before the module was republished to replace the old one).

It's the same score for both.

The report for this user is showing (revision2) which is the second published version of the module.

Since then, we have re-published the module 4 times.

However, the odd thing is that the new module (rev2 and going forward) has only 17 questions whereas the old one had 18 questions.

Although the detailed answers report for this user is showing (revision2) I'm seeing 18 questions/answers in his report.

The rev2 module was re-published on the 25th of February.

Both students attempts (One attempt registered for each) were taken before that date (19Feb student1,  23Feb student2).

In all cases, i will set you up as Admin and send you the details in a private message.

Thank you for your help.