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We already have our own LMS but it isn't able to give us the detailed level of reporting from quizes that we need.  So we are looking at buying the most basic package for Articulate Online for this.  I downloaded the free trial and tested it out.  However, when the users complete the quiz, I see them as 'Anonymous' on the reports.  I understand this is because I have the content as Public.  However the basic package will only give us 50 private user accounts.

What is the best way for us to use Articulate online to get our reports (with learner names on) on the quiz results when we are running the same course with different learners completing the quiz every month.  Should we add them as private users and then delete them after every course (so we can add the next months learners)? or should we keep the course as public and add learners to a guest book?  Can we reuse the 50 private user accounts by removing and adding new learners each month?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Lee!

Yeah, I think adding them as private users, and then deleting the users each month to make room for the new ones is your best option. But you'll want to be sure to archive and export the data each month before doing that, as once a user is deleted, the data for them is unretrievable. Alternatively, it is possible to leverage Guestbook for public content, but it's less reliable than using private users. You can find a lot of really useful info on tracking users here.  

Hope that's helpful!