Publish Storyline or Studio Courses to Articulate online1

hi ,

there's problem when I publish course to Artiuclate online.

I can publish course when I first applied Articulate online account, but now, I just log in Articulate online , cann't publish course to it, with same user name and password.

Here my account information[URL:]:

 account information

Here publish information:

unable to publish to Articulate online

Please kindly tell me,  what can i do?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Fiona!

Looks like a general error. What are the details when you click on the more info on how to troubleshoot? 

If you are unable to publish to Articulate Online, please review this KB article which outlines possible reasons and solutions for this behavior. Also in that article you will found the instructions for manual upload, which should help you in the meantime.

If you are still having difficulty, I would encourage you to work with our support team here.