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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Winne,

Rise does not publish to Articulate Online, so you may want to look into other  Learning Management System (LMS) options. 

Storyline and Studio both publish to Articulate Online, and you'd need the clients login info or for them to add you as a course admin to their AO account to be able to publish there.

Barrett Values Centre

Ditto!  What's the rationale for not making this available? 

Can you tell me, what's the best way to make the course available for viewing then if we don't yet have our LMS in place?  

Is it downloading the content in a particular way and placing it on our webserver?

Can you please direct me to any articles to read?  I'll keep poking around as well.

Thank you kindly,




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Margaret,

If you're authoring a course in Rise and aren't yet ready to upload to your LMS, you've got a few other options:

  • Use the Share link to let folks take a look at your course in Rise. 
  • Upload to Review, you can require a password for users to access it, and even allow comments from your users. You can read a bit more about this here. 
  • Export for Web and upload the entire folder generated to your web server. 

You can see the options for Web and Share detailed here with the directions you'll eventually need for an LMS publish. 

Hope that helps!