Q&A or Feedback Options for eLearning

The committee that oversees our eLearning program has asked me to explore options for adding a feedback mechanism to our online course.  The five-module program was created using Studio '13 and each section includes quizzes, interactions and scenarios.  But, we received a suggestion that having the opportunity to pose questions, to be answered by SMEs, throughout the program would be helpful.  A live Q&A isn't feasible given the disparate participation in the training, but the option to pose a question that would be responded to within a set period of time (48 hours? one week?) is something I'm thinking we could try.

I haven't seen anything in Articulate Online that really supports that type of engagement, but I wanted to see what people might be doing in their Studio-based presentations themselves or what other mechanisms might be used to facilitate that type of discussion.

I appreciate any insight you're willing to share!

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