Question about 0% score recorded when student has correctly competed quiz questions...?


We have a student who has had some problems half-way through when answering one of the quizzes. Apparently, the quiz froze on question 13 and the student was unable to press submit. They then logged out and back in again and started where they had left off on Q13, but still had the same problem.  In the end, the student restarted the Qs again but got stuck on the same Q. The student has printed the quizzes score pre and post learning but on Articulate account it shows 0%?

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?  Is it because she resumed and Articulate Online just records the first score? Thanks.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michaela!

When running the report: Score Results: How did people score? - then selecting the Score (percentage link) between the Score progress bar and Status, you might notice only some of the questions answered are listed. This issue will occur when an Articulate Online user does not complete a quiz in one session and they choose Yes to resume in subsequent sessions. This in turn will only record the last session questions/answers in the Attempt Detail report. This issue has been sent to our Quality Assurance Team for further review. 

Currently, the only workaround is disable the resume prompt.