Questions about Articulate Online before committing...


We are currently considering whether Articulate Online would meet our LMS needs and have a few questions:

- Does anyone use (or used to use) a different LMS and could speak to comparison?

- I've looked through the materials, but cannot seem to find anything related to modifying or removing modules, which would be key for our program as the modules frequently change. Is the process easy? Does the number of modules you are allowed to post include those that have been removed?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my questions!


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Justin Wilcox

Hi Maribeth,

If you overwrite an existing content item, you will still be able to get reporting data on the original content item. Some reports will simply ask you so specify which content item you want to run a report on.

If you delete a content item, it doesn't count against the total number of content items allowed anymore but you can still run reports on them. If you delete a user, though, you do lose all of their reporting data.

If you are planning on only using content created with Articulate products, Articulate Online is a great choice! If you need to use third party content and track it, Articulate Online may not be right for you because you can only track Articulate content that is published specifically for Articulate Online.