Quiz and Engage Interactions Not Updating when Publishing

Can anyone provide some tips on why when I update my training modules (I prefer to override the exisiting content so the reviewer can use the same link) the Engage and Quizmaker interactoins aren't updating?

When I'm in PowerPoint it all looks fine, the correct, updated version. 

Work arounds I've tried:  Going to File, Save & Send, Articulate Package.  Then I upload.  Still the same problem.

The only thing I've found that works is publishing each Quiz and Engage interaction individually before I publish to Articulate online.  Clearly that is time consuming and far from ideal.

This problem occurs even if I publish to Web and not isolated to just one module/course.  I've tried to check "settings" or something along those lines to see if I just don't have a button selected - but have had no luck.....

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nury, 

This thread is a bit older and as such Peter and Heather are likely no longer subscribed. In regards to not being able to update them, you'll want to confirm that all the files are saved in the same folder and locally to keep the links associated between files - you can also read up about how the files are stored in your Presenter course described here.