Quiz Answer Results not reported in Articulate Online

I created a course in Storyline 360 that includes several quiz questions. I added a single result slide that is supposed to submit the results for all the quiz questions. I published the course to Articulate Online and ran through the course with out a problem. When I ran the report "Answer Breakdown: How did people answer?", the report shows the question text, and the correct answer, but then shows Percent=0%, Total=0, and total response=0. Basically, no data about how the student did on the questions is appearing in. I have had several people also take the course and received the same report results of 0 total responses. Any suggestions on how I can get Articulate Online to show the answer results?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Ron,

Sorry to hear the report isn't running as expected! I ran a quick test and was able to review all my questions in detail using that report.

Have you checked your Reporting and Tracking options when you publish to Articulate Online? You can review this by clicking on Publish, selecting Articulate Online, and under the Properties, click on the Tracking section. Here were my options:

If you've chosen to track using the quiz result, connect with a support engineer, and we'll do some testing on our to see what is causing the issue! 

Ron Fried

Hi Ren,

Thanks for the note. I am tracking the course based on using a "complete course" trigger, since this is a game-based course and we are not interested in tracking the students based on their quiz results, but rather whether or not they have finished the course.

Just to give some background, what we are interested in is how many attempts do students take to answer a question correctly, and what answer choices do they use for each attempt. We give students three attempts to correctly answer a question. Since tracking the number of attempts and answer options can be hard in Storyline and LMSs, I have created three separate slides of each quiz question, with one attempt per question. After the first failed attempt students get a feedback screen to try again. After the second failed attempt students are sent to a screen with additional information to help answer the question. After the third failed attempt, the students are given the correct answer and move to the next question.

The hope is that the system will send the results of each attempt to Articulate Online where we can see the results. The results slide is set to track each instance of the question as a separate item. The results are submitted when the timeline starts on a particular slide at the end of all the questions. Here is my current results slide...


When I run the course in Articulate Online and then run a report on how students answered, I see the questions and the possible correct answers, but not actual results (see the image below). I'm also not sure why it's listing it as a Dropout and failed since I successfully editing the course with the course exit button.


Any suggestions on how to get the responses to show up in this report? I would be happy to send you a copy of the course if that will help.



Ron Fried
Senior Instructional Designer
Center for Education Research & Innovation
SRI International

Ron Fried

Hi Lauren,

No problem. Here is the image of my current results slide,

Results Slide

And here is a copy of the Articulate Online report,

Articulate Online Report

Let me know if I should send you a copy of the test file. As you can seek, there was one attempt and one Pass, but the Percent, Total, and Total Responses for each question is listed as 0. This has been true with all the attempts we have made on different versions of this course.



Lauren Connelly

Thanks Ron! 

What you're seeing is expected behavior when tracking a course using the Complete Course Trigger. Pulling a report in Articulate Online will track whether the user completed the course or not.  You can't use completion triggers and also track the quiz score. A Storyline 360 course can be tracked by only one of these three options:

  • The number of slides viewed
  • A quiz result
  • Completion triggers

I pulled two reports from Articulate Online, one for a Complete Course Trigger and one for a Results Slide. I've attached them as PDF's to this reply. 

Ron Fried

Thanks Lauren! This was very helpful. I thought that Articulate Online would be able to display the quiz information even if the course was set for tracking based on course completion, but I was wrong. I switched the tracking to quiz results and can now see the data for each of the individual quiz items. This was a big part of what we were looking to track. The other part we want to track is the amount of time users spend on each slide, and the particular slides they view. Are there options to track this information?

Vincent Scoma

Hi Ron,

While there aren't exactly options for the two parameters you are looking to track, Articulate Online does provide the total viewing time for a particular course and the slides that have been viewed (per attempt). We do have a resource that provides a bit more details on Articulate Online's custom reports. It provides details on the different types of data you can track and report. You can locate the link to that article here

Please let us know if you have any questions!