Quiz answers not reported to Articulate Online

Hi heroes,

I have a quiz in Storyline 3 that I've published to Articulate Online. After the quiz was published to AO, I tested it to make sure everything worked. While I had no problems on the front-end as a user, AO failed to record the answers I submitted—it only recorded the score:

Here are some details about my project:

  • The quiz was originally built in SL2 and was converted to SL3 when we upgraded.
  • I purposely failed the quiz once and closed the course using an in-slide exit button. When I checked AO, it did not record the attempt or the score, so I opened the course again. It asked me to 'pick up where I left off;' I clicked 'yes,' then closed the course. The score had recorded in AO, but it had no question-level details.
  • I am pulling 5 questions from a question bank in a standardized order.

After looking at several articles and forums to find the cause, I think I found the one that applies to my case: Attempt detail report shows no answers, but does show score for an attempt. It refers to a known issue that boils down to this:

If a user takes a quiz and finishes it, then relaunches and selects to resume, the attempt detail report will show the score from the resumed attempt, but will not show any question level detail for that attempt.

So here is my question: Is there any workaround to this? Is this even my problem?(—The article references Quizmaker but not Storyline.) Could it possibly be the triggers on my result slide and/or the tracking settings I have when I publish? (See screenshots below.)

Thanks for your help.

Result Slide Triggers

Publishing & Tracking

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steve!

Sorry that you've run into an issue, but thank you for such a thorough report and for sharing your findings.

It seems that you've hit the nail on the head, but certainly out of the ordinary if you ran into an issue with the first attempt not reporting and then the subsequent attempt not showing the details as well.

Are you able to replicate this behavior or was this a one time issue?

It looks like your tracking is set up properly.

If you can replicate, please let our team know here so that we can dig in and understand what may be happening.

Steve Stark

Hi Leslie, thanks for checking in. I think I know why my score didn't "record" the first time: I didn't wait out AO's 10-minute caching feature for reports. (See #2 in the "For the administrator" section.)

Moral of the story: once a user completes a course, give your LMS a little bit of time before your start running reports; otherwise you might lose some data.

So I won't need to file a bug ticket for this one, but I will file a feature request instead.