Quiz as part of a training program freezes and locks user out

Studio 13-Articulate Online issue. We have five quizzes as part of an extensive online training program. The quizzes are integrated within PowerPoint presentation which is uploaded in both Flash and html5 to Articulate Online. For most the program works fine (and has done for a while) but we are now getting 2-3 users per day who have a quiz freeze on them, unable to exit and their user data are lost. This is becoming an embarrassing problem. We have collected data re PC, operating systems etc but there is no clear pattern. The users are worldwide and often institution based but again no pattern. Anyone experiencing this as well? Any solutions?

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David Hutchinson

We sent that Presenter package. Its not just one programme, it is all content that is suffering the same issue so it is an issue with the users communication to the server not the functionality of the programme/quizzes. We have 15-20 programmes that up to recent times have been working fine.