Quiz attempts not being recorded by Articulate Online

Some quiz attempts (by some participants) are not being recorded by Articulate Online. The absence of any record of the quiz attempt in Articulate Online is probably due to:

(a) an interrupted internet connection caused by a wireless connection being lost; or

(b) the participant intentionally disconnecting i.e. removing the internet cable.

All of my quizzes are set up as "Submit all at once" (as opposed to "Submit one at a time"). 

Please advise whether Articulate Online will record the responses to each quiz question that has been answered (prior to the internet connection being terminated) if the "Submit one at a time" option is used.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jon and Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

The way you are setting those quizzes up has more to do with user feedback as opposed to what is being submitted.  For the result to be recorded, the user must close the browser (multiple ways are acceptable). If you would like to read more about this, there is an article here.