Quiz completion not reflecting in Articulate Online (Quizmaker 13 within Articulate Presenter 13)

Four of us have taken a new course (yesterday and today) for which all settings appear identical to past courses (I am the developer of the content).  Despite getting a Results screen that shows passing, we don't show as having completed the course within Articulate Online. 

Two of us just re-took the course within the last 90 minutes - one in Internet Explorer and one in Firefox.  We were certain to press 'finish', fully exit the course and close our browsers.   We show as "incomplete" again in reporting.

One of the users finished another course immediately prior, which does show completion.  I cannot find anything different in the settings.  The only thing that is different in how I created this quiz is that it has two "multiple response" questions.

I re-published the full course to Articulate Online before we took it again late this afternoon to address a typographical error that a user found while taking it.  Originally it did not have the option to "print results" while it now does.  (However completion didn't record even before I added that option)

Please see attachments for view of screens/reports, as well as the quiz itself.  Courses are uploaded into https://opendoor.articulate-online.com.

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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks Ann! No problem at all.

I was able to see and replicate the issue that you were reporting. It seemed that somewhere there must have been corruption that was tracking via slides viewed, even though it was clearly set to track via Result Slide.

I re-used the slides in a new presentation and no longer had this happen.

Attaching new file.

Ann Potts

Leslie, the audio is gone from the new version you sent.  Should I export each slide of the original presentation to an audio file and then import it one by one to the new presentation?  Also, I notice what you sent me has wider screen dimensions.  Is there any reason I can't reset it to standard dimensions?